• May - June - Application Submittal 
  • June - Application Review and Mentor-Mentee Matching
  • July - December - Cohort Runs


Mission Statement: 

Empower UNM WIT Members through a transformative mentorship program that fosters meaningful connections, provides valuable resources, and creates a safe space for curiosity and growth. By connecting Mentees with accomplished tech professionals from diverse industries throughout New Mexico, we aim to cultivate a thriving community of learners and equip them with the knowledge, networks, and confidence to excel in their careers and beyond.  


Vision Statement: 

Create a dynamic and inclusive mentorship ecosystem where UNM WIT Mentors and Mentees can tap into the expertise and experiences of tech professionals across the state. Through these transformative relationships, we aspire to build a powerful network of support, promote continuous learning, and foster an environment where asking questions and seeking guidance are embraced as essential steps in personal and professional development. With our mentorship program, we envision a future where every Mentee feels empowered, inspired, and equipped to navigate their career journey with confidence and resilience.  



  • Create a safe, inclusive, and supportive network of STEM professionals 
  • Establish a mentorship program for UNM Staff with Mentors from organizations throughout New Mexico. 
  • Develop a Professionals Learning Community to help continue growth of participants in the community. 
  • Develop a program architecture that provides multiple levels of support and resources to help grow and develop the participants of the program. 


The Women In Technology Mentorship Program is open to all current members.

For more information on becoming a WIT member visit our membership page.