About WIT

When one woman helps another, amazing things can happen. Diversity generates better solutions and professional careers leap forward. That's what Women in Technology is all about. We are an organization created by Women in Technology to support the empowerment of women in tech and to help create and support initiatives and community partnerships to empower current and future women in technology.

The organization focuses on 5 primary goals:

  • Goal 1: Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among UNM Faculty and Staff, WIT Partners and members of the community.

  • Goal 2: Community Building: Create a supportive and inclusive community for all professional women working in or interested in information technology at the University of New Mexico. 

  • Goal 3: Professional Development: Focus university-wide resources on educating women in technology and present opportunities for professional development. 

  • Goal 4: Mentorship: Provide mentorship opportunities within the University, WIT partners and outside of the campus community. 

  • Goal 5: Dialogue: Create an open dialogue about the unique opportunities and challenges of being a woman in technology and how we can continue to inspire and empower women in technology.