2023 WIT Annual Event Schedule

8:00 - 8:30 am

Check-in and Registration  (Lobo A/B)
Continental Breakfast (Lobo A/B)

Track 1: Wellness (Acoma A)
Track 2: Technical (Lobo A/B)
Track 3: Career Planning (Acoma B)

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Professor Melanie E. Moses, Computer Science and Biology

A professor of Computer Science and Biology at the University of New Mexico and an External Faculty Member at the Sata Fe Institute. She earned a B.S. From Standford University in Symbolic Systems and a Ph.D. in Biology from UNM. Her interdisciplinary research crosses the boundaries of Computer Science and Biology by modeling search processes in complex adaptive systems such as ant colonies and immune systems, and most recently the immune response to the virus that causes COVID-19. She uses bio-inspired design of swarms of robots to can autonoumusly cooperate with each other and adapt to monitor environmental conditions, currently focused on monitoring the gas emissions from volcanoes. She has mentored dozens of graduate and undergraduate students and led projects including NM CSforAll, the NASA Swarmathon, and the Google ExploreCSR Swarmathon:TNG to engage thousands of women and members of underrepresented groups in computer science from high school through graduate school. She co-founded the UNM-SFI Working Group on Algorithmic Justice, is part of the UNM ADVANCE program to support the success of women faculty in STEM, and she currently serves on the Computing Research Association's Computing Commmunity Consortium and the board of CRA-Widening Participation.

AI: How did we get here and where are we going

Track 1Track 2Track 3

Presenter: Teresa Sherman

Topic:  Bah Humbug! Work Life Balance Through the Holidays and Beyond


Presenter: Leslie Andrew

Topic:  Data Factory for Beginners



  • Dawn Davis
  • Tina Zuniga
  • Eva Padilla 
  • Maria Orona Morsey

Women's perspectives on the Workteam of the future: how one department is creating a supportive work culture, a high-functioning remote work team, and leveraging analytics to guide business decisions

Track 1Track 2Track 3

Presenter:  Cherie Knight

Topic:  Charting Your Course: A financial guide for women 



Presenter: Maya Narayanan Kutty

Topic:  UNM NanoFab - Working in a Cleanroom


Presenter: Bonnie Minkus-Holmes and Kate Williams

Topic: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Ignite Everyone's Intelligence


Track 1Track 2Track 3

Presenter: Vanessa Roybal

Topic: Micro-Managing Stress


Presenter: Heather Mechler

Topic: Getting Started with Data Visualization


Presenter: Devon Williams

Topic: Empowerment through Project Management: Unpacking Essentials and Beyond

Track 1Track 2Track 3

Presenter: Lisa Beauchene-Lawson

Topic: Building Healthy Lifestyle Habits with a Desk Job and a Bunch of Teams Meetings


Presenter: Kristen Sanders  

Topic: Implementing DMARC (Without getting fired)


Presenter: Kristin Metrreaux

Topic: Stop the Declining Number of Women in IT Leadership: Lessons from the Careers of Women CIOs


Track 1Track 2Track 3

Presenter: Ann J. Shubert

Topic: Parties and Presents and Family Gatherings, Oh My (Money)!   

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Presenter: Monte-Angel Richardson

Using Data and Technology to Address Social Issues


Presenter: Jo Kinnard

Topic: Thriving Together: Stories and Reflections to Share as Women in Information Technology

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