How to Get Involved


Volunteers Needed for Subcommittees

We are looking for 2-3 volunteers per committee to work with our Board Members on several programs. These committees will formalize processes, strategies and efforts related to each Program.


Event and Outreach Program – Lead - Kirsten Moeller

This Team’s goal is to formalize a processes that are reusable each time we are attending an event or facilitating an event. Some invents include (Annual WIT Event, Tech Days, and New Mexico Tech Council WIT Event)


Create and document processes for:

  • Booth setup
  • Event coordination (checklists, setup, takedown)
  • Define Communication Plan
  • Media Kit Creation (in coordination with the Marketing and Communications Board Member)
    • Program cards
    • Discussion cards
    • Stand-up poster

Scholarship Program– Lead - Grace Faustino

This Team’s goal is to formalize a process and recurring timeline for the fundraising, collection and award of a Scholarship Program.


  • Create and document:
    • Processes and guidelines
    • Amount
    • Fundraising opportunities and process
    • Define the scholarship (Who, what, when, how)
  • Define Communication Plan
  • Work with Financial Aid

Mentorship Program – Lead – Alesia Torres

This Team’s goal is to formalize a process and plan to implement and maintain a Mentorship Program.


  • Define the guidelines and program
  • Define communication plan
  • Define vetting process
  • Recruit Mentors and Mentees
  • Management of the participant database and contacts
  • Communication plan
  • Student UNM outreach

Speaker and Training Program – Lead – Sridevi Kumaravelu & Jennie Wong


  • Define a standard timetable
  • Define procedures and standards
  • Define communication plan
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Communications on a marketing template

Estimated hours/effort to be on the committee (These are estimates only)

  • Biweekly meetings for 1 hour
  • programs are happening