WIT Board Roles


  1. UNM WIT Email watch including collaboration with the Board on response and sending the appropriate responses
  2. Take responsibility for communications of the WIT group and coordinate with the Office of the CIO when appropriate.
  3. Maintain a list of all members and their contact information.
  4. Record and distribute minutes of all WIT meetings.
  5. Maintain shared site containing all documents of the WIT group.
  6. The Secretary may delegate any or all of these duties to another member of the WIT
  7. Work with Chair and Co-Chair to coordinate and assist in planning of formal WIT events and meetings.

Communications and Marketing

  1. Coordination with UNM IT’s UI/UX Designer to create flyers and brochures; Media items and information
  2. Coordination with UNM IT’s Communications contact to communicate various events, information and items for UNM WIT to the UNM Campus and Network
  3. Overall marketing and communication ideas, suggestions and implementation

Estimated hours/effort for the role (These are estimates only)

  • Biweekly meetings for 1 hour
  • 5 – 20 hours a month to do work outside of the meetings depending on what events or programs are happening